Solar Austin’s “Solar Success Stories” campaign highlights how solar energy is having a positive impact across Austin, by saving customers money, improving our environment and creating jobs.

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Solar Employees – Mark Haller from Solar Austin on Vimeo.

The installation sector of the solar industry is growing fast and creating good green collar jobs in places like Austin. These are jobs that can never be outsourced because a crew of installers needs to actually bring the solar panels and other hardware to homes and businesses and set it up. You can’t do that over the phone, so the local solar market is a dependable source of jobs.


Solar Customers – Chris and Krista from Solar Austin on Vimeo.

Chris and Krista are married and live in West Austin with their two children. They recently installed solar panels on their home as a way to save money on their utility bills. They also own an electric car, so they’re driving with solar energy too.


Solar Customers – Guadalupe-Saldana Affordable Housing Subdivision – Cassandra Ramirez from Solar Austin on Vimeo.

The Guadalupe Neighborhood Development Corporation (GNDC) is using solar to keep its expenses down in a affordable housing development. The duplexes in this development are net zero energy buildings, thanks in part to rooftop solar installations.


Solar Employees – Terence Parker from Solar Austin on Vimeo.

Terence Parker is an Applications Engineering Manager at an Austin solar panel technology developer. He’s excited about the integrated solar panel and inverter modules his company is developing, how quickly solar prices are falling and the increased use of solar energy.


Solar Customers – Mike Fisher from Solar Austin on Vimeo.

Mike Fisher lives in southeast Austin with his wife and three daughters. They recently installed solar panels on their home. Mike knows that as his daughters get older their need for energy will increase. Mike installed solar panels on his home in order to meet his family’s energy needs.


Solar Employees – Jay Thomas from Solar Austin on Vimeo.

Jay Thomas is an Account Manager for an Austin based solar company. Jay is an Austin native, and choose to work in the solar industry to help make a difference in people’s lives.


Solar Customers – Kunda Wicce from Solar Austin on Vimeo.

Kunda Wicce is a retired biologist. She put solar on her northeast Austin rental property to reduce the use of polluting fossil fuels.


Solar Customers – Daniel Browning from Solar Austin on Vimeo.

Daniel Browning is an economist and homeowner in southwest Austin. He and his wife got their solar system and August and are enjoying greatly reduced energy bills and doing their part to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

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