Solar Austin volunteers at our first community installation, located at Community First! Village.

As a part of our work, Solar Austin works to partner with other local nonprofits and agencies to install solar systems on their facilities. Through this grassroots community project and with the help of our sponsors and a fleet of volunteers, Solar Austin strives to increase awareness and access to the benefits of solar technology to underserved Austin neighborhoods.

Solar Austin is now developing its second project under the Community Installation Host program, as a part of its organizational commitment to collaboration, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Solar Austin plans to install an 8.64 KW rooftop system at East Austin Facility. The Children’s Haven Association, a historical non-profit in the Heart of the East Austin Blackland community has operated in the same location for nearly seven decades. The facility and its collaborative programs have been a stabilizing force in the community. Its earlier programs provided daycare, food, and medical services for low-income families. The Children’s Haven Association currently houses Austin Threads, a non-profit dedicated providing clothing and other personal essentials to children within the foster care system.

Austin Threads a 501c3 non-profit providing complete NEW outfits and more for referred teens. Our teens select new clothing, including shoes, socks, underwear, bras, toiletries, jacket or hoodie, and a backpack for FREE.

Solar Austin is thrilled to partner with a community-embedded organization that enables this project to connect with a diverse community of people across races, social-economic statuses, and generations.

Solar Austin and The Children’s Haven Association will conduct a “Solar Camp” during the installation event. The Solar Camp will give attendees an overview of all the components related to solar installation, from footwear to safety harnesses. Solar Camp will be held at the facility, and it hopes to entice more community engagement in renewable energy. Solar Austin is delighted to work with multiple installation partners and manufacturers whose support facilitates this project.

TCHA and Solar Austin board members, from L to R: Ron Dotson, Kenneth Thompson, Alfred Dotson, and Stan Pipkin

For its collaboration with The Children’s Haven Association, Solar Austin is now soliciting applicants for participation in Solar Camp. Participation in Solar Camp will be limited to 10 attendees.  All events will follow CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all participants. 

Stay alert for notifications of camp dates and application deadlines.