September Happy Hour with Female Leaders in Energy Storage

Join our monthly happy hour on September 28 as Solar Austin sits down with a panel of female leaders in the utility energy storage realm.

About this event

Join Solar Austin for our monthly happy hours on September 28 and October 26 as we get the latest on energy storage from the industry’s female leaders.

As we modernize our energy supply sources with solar and renewables, it’s important to manage it and have it play smoothly with our load demand. That’s why without storage, solar can never be the promising source of energy needed for a sustainable future! In a similar way, without the power and leadership of women, mankind and our planet could simply not exist. This is why for the months of September and October, Solar Austin’s Happy Hour spotlight will be devoted to both essential elements: Female Leaders in Energy Storage.

In September we’ll begin with the big picture of utility-scale storage, then honing into residential and distributed generation for our October conversation.

Join us as we explore the really big picture – utility-scale storage – through a roundtable conversation with industry leaders. Our speakers will help explain what tools, activities, and actions are needed for our large solar facilities to increase their efficiency and resiliency with storage. Storage needs to be quick to respond to spiked grid demands, and large enough to provide backup in case of emergency. Not only that, but it also needs to be cost-effective enough to be feasible to develop, deploy, and manage over time. It’s an interesting challenge as we must remember, this is also something pioneering for our planet!

We will be joined by representatives from developers, manufacturers, and grid integrators so they can each share their story… not only of their career growth into this space but how their companies ensure a cleaner and stronger grid. It is bound to be a thrilling conversation, and one not to miss.

Join us on September 28th, 5:30-7 pm for a drink with Austin’s women in storage. Save the date for our upcoming virtual happy hour to continue the conversation on October 26.

About our Speakers:

Jillian Burgoyne: Senior Manager, Product Development at Fluence

Jillian Burgoyne is based in the San Francisco Bay Area where she currently works as a Senior Manager of Product Development at Fluence. She has seven years of experience working in the energy industry, including in large thermal generation manufacturing and engineering, and battery energy storage. In her current role, Jillian specializes in utility-scale battery energy storage, and she is responsible for bringing new product lines to market. In her free time, Jillian enjoys reading, jigsaw puzzles, mountain biking, and hiking with her husky.

Kate Goldsberry (She/Her): Asset Manager at ├śrsted Onshore

Leading the Charge for a Sustainable Future Providing comprehensive Asset Management strategies for Renewable Energy Technologies

Kate is an Asset Manager with almost a decade in the renewable energy sector, working with large-scale commercial capacity assets. In her current capacity, Kate leads a capable team to push Operational Assets for Orsted Onshore to high availability metrics and financial performance. Forecasting, modeling, and overseeing operational and financial performance throughout the lifetime of the Asset, Kate works closely with Asset Performance and Operational Engineering teams to optimize revenue and drive operational efficiencies in order to outperform budgeted OPEX targets. Her team works closely with Regulatory, Commercial, and Financial compliance in order to identify and fulfill obligations, minimize risk to assets, and ensure smooth business operations. The best part of her work each day is knowing she helps contribute to a cleaner energy future through generation (and storage) of clean, renewable energy.

Allegra Donadio: Senior Business Development Analyst at Stem

Allegra Donadio is based in Austin, Texas, where she currently works as a Senior Business Development Analyst for Stem. She has seven years working within the renewable energy industry that range from advocacy, product management, sales, and strategy. In her current role, she strives to leverage AI to transform the grid through smart energy storage with a focus on developing markets. She is responsible for researching, modeling, and aligning software use cases to unlock new programs or new markets where energy storage can be a commercial, industrial, or grid-scale resource. In her free time Allegra travels, cooks, and enjoys the outdoors, which we all work to preserve.