Does Austin Energy Want to Expand Green Choice?

Austin Energy’s GreenChoice program is an award-winning 100% renewable electrical supply offering that has been available to both homeowners and businesses since 2000. GreenChoice’s mission has been a critical one that has delivered billions of kWh of impact over the past 13 years. The program has been at the forefront of enabling citizens to actually green their energy supply.

Scott Burton, Board member of Solar Austin, helps growing companies with financial strategy and has dissected the historical pricing and logic of GreenChoice.
Please read his full blog “Does Austin Energy Want to Expand Green Choice?” for the details but note that, “Of specific concern is that [the proposed new program] introduces the false concepts that renewable energy is always more expensive and that it’s costs are not fixed over time.”

Citizen input will be required to keep Council from rubber stamping this proposal. Please take a moment to email all council members and tell them GreenChoice should continue being a fixed price offering, and share this information with others.

(thanks to EcoBits by EcoBrandi)