January 12 Happy Hour: Everything you always wanted to know about ERCOT but were afraid to ask

Virtually everything related to electricity use in Central Texas is shaped by a single organization:  the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).   Learn how innovations spearheaded by ERCOT are transforming the clean energy world now and what is technically possible in the near future.

Shoal Creek Saloon, January 12.  Plenty of food, drink and parking http://www.shoalcreeksaloon.com/scmap.jpg

Please RSVP at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/1161771891

Please join us if you can.

Mike Sloan
Chairman, Subcommittee to get Happy about Solar
Solar Austin

Clean Texas Electricity:  What’s Possible?

(or “Everything you always wanted to know about ERCOT but were afraid to ask”)

Time: Wednesday, January 12  ·  5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Shoal Creek Saloon, 909 N. Lamar, Austin.

Have any questions about CREZ? The NODAL market? Reliability impacts of integrating more wind & solar?

All of these issues have a major impact on future clean energy use in Texas….

And if you have been following electric issues in Austin the last few years, its possible you have heard or read claims — which some consider flat-out wrong — such as:

  • Wind power actually increases rather than decreases toxic emissions from the power sector.
  • Power from “the market” is much more expensive than power produced by city-owned power plants.
  • Solar and Wind are not reliable power sources.
  • Austin must have the Fayette Coal Plant to keep its lights on in 2020?

Are these statements True or False or somewhere in between?

A City that wants electricity that’s Clean, Affordable and Reliable needs to know the Real Answers.

Event starts at 5:30 to eat, drink, mix.

ERCOT Panel commences at 6:30, featuring:
Warren Lasher, ERCOT, Manager of Long-Term Planning & Policy

Mark Bruce, Stratus Energy Group (former chair of ERCOT’s Technical Advisory Committee)

Moderator:  Mike Sloan, Virtus Energy

Hope to see you there….


Warren Lasher
Warren Lasher, ERCOT

As Manager of Long-Term Planning and Policy for ERCOT, Mr. Lasher’s responsibilities include long-range and regulatory transmission planning studies.  His department has been responsible for the development of the CREZ Transmission Plan and recent CREZ implementation studies. Prior to his work at ERCOT, he was employed by the Southern Company in Birmingham, Alabama, where he worked in the System Planning and Engineering organizations.

Mark Bruce
Mark Bruce, Stratus Energy Group

Mark Bruce is a co-founder and Principal of Stratus Energy Group, where he enjoys providing business and project development solutions; market analysis and market rules support; and regulatory and public policy assistance for a diverse array of clients in the electric power industry.  Prior to consulting, Mr. Bruce served 6 years as Director of Market and Regulatory Affairs for FPL Energy (now NextEra Energy Resources), served as Chairman of the ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee, and was a Policy Analyst for the Electric Utility Restructuring Legislative Oversight Committee of the Texas Legislature.

Beth Garza
Beth Garza, Potomac Economics — INVITED but not expected due to conflict

Beth is now Deputy Director of the ERCOT Independent Market Monitor, was a former Manager at ERCOT, and a former Austin Energy manager responsible for generation planning.  While she is not expected to participate in our panel, Beth is an outstanding resource for decision-makers seeking an independent expert opinion for electric issues in and around Austin.