December 8: Mike Sloan

During this festive holiday season, please join Solar Austin December 8, for a lively conversation on Austin’s energy future.

Austin has long been a leader in green power, but in recent years an increasing number of community voices characterize Green Power as unaffordable.

While this does not match the facts, Austin’s efforts with solar and renewables do seem to be slipping.

What does Austin need to do to get its Green Power mojo back?

Shoal Creek Saloon, Dec. 8. Plenty of food, drink and parking

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Happy Holidays!

Mike Sloan
Chairman, Subcommittee to get Happy about Solar Solar Austin

Talk: Getting Austin’s Green Power Mojo Back
Time: Wednesday, December 8 · 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: Shoal Creek Saloon. 909 N. Lamar, Austin.

Some in Austin say Green Power is too expensive. Our solar goals, too ambitious.


If Austin’s city council, citizen advisors and utility executives take a careful look at the facts — and eliminate the local double standards that favor burning fossil fuel over using clean energy — it’s clear that renewables and energy efficiency already provide more value than cost in our community.

Yet present day challenges are very real. Future green power must be done smart and cost-effectively. It is essential that all interested in a greener, cleaner future work together effectively, as well as reach out successfully to those who see the world differently.

Mike Sloan
Mike Sloan

Energy policy expert Mike Sloan will lead the conversation and offer a wide range of information and provocative ideas in areas ranging from Austin Energy spending trends, affordability of different supply options, and business model reform.

Event starts at 5:30 to eat, drink, mix.

Conversation on Austin’s Green Mojo commences at 6:30. Please participate.

Mike Sloan

For more than 20 years, Mike has consulted exclusively on renewable energy policy, education and project development. Serving industry, government and the non-profit community, Mike brings passion and technical expertise to champion ideas that work for individual businesses and the broader public interest. Career highlights include:

  • Texas became the #1 Wind State in the U.S. during Mike’s long tenure as Managing Consultant of The Wind Coalition. Texas’ installed wind capacity grew 200-fold in 10 years and now exceeds 10,000 MW.
  • Successful Renewable Energy Policy. Mike played an instrumental role in development of Texas’ landmark Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ), Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), and Renewable Energy Credit (REC) programs — generally regarded as “best practices” models in the U.S.
  • Technical and Business Consultant for a wide range of projects in North America, Europe, Africa, and Hawaii using wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and/or hydropower; Mike is fortunate to have helped many leading renewable energy development companies, including FPL Energy (wind), Luz International (solar thermal) and PowerLight (PV).

A former solar research analyst for Austin Energy, Mike has been an active citizen on local renewable energy issues. In 1997-1998, Mike chaired Austin’s Sustainable Energy Task Force that developed the framework for GreenChoice, America’s most successful voluntary “green pricing” program. In 2003, Mike was a founder of Solar Austin, which helped Austin establish a solar rebate program and 100 MW Solar Goal. In 2009, Mike served as a member on Austin’s Generation Planning Task Force and founded, a forum on energy and politics in Austin Texas.